Best Retirement Gifts Guide

Retiring is an epic moment in someone’s life. It’s a time when life begins to transition from the rigors of work to the rigors of doing nothing every day and having it be everything they thought it would be. The idea of doing nothing doesn’t last for long, however, and the newly minted retiree is going to look to become active in some hobby, skill, sport, or even a part-time job. By offering great retirement gifts to a retiree, you can encourage them to enjoy life more, stay active, and have fun with their later years.

The best retirement gifts don’t have to be expensive or spectacular in order to be valuable. Personalized items, accessories for travel, or even a beautiful bouquet of flowers are all ways that you can make a retiree feel special. Here are some great retirement gifts to consider that work with any budget.

The Best Retirement Gifts Under 25 Dollars

If you’re on a tight budget, then maximizing the value of the gifts that you’re planning on giving will become important. You can get some great retirement gifts for less than $25, but you might have to shop around a little or become creative with your purchase. Here are some ideas to get your thinking about the gift you’ll want to give.

  • Coffee – Most retirees love a good cup of coffee, so let them get a jumpstart on their morning habit with premium coffee as a gift. You can get this in whole bean variety or in ground if you prefer. K-Cup or individual coffee servings are also an option, but you’ll generally get more value out of a specialty coffee purchase. Expect to pay between $10-$20 for this retirement gift.
  • Artwork – There are a number of retailers who can provide you with a beautiful piece of artwork at this price range. Although the artwork is generally mass produced at this price point, there are some religious sayings, sports quotes, or city images that can all hold some meaning to the retiree. Shop around online and in stores to secure the best deal possible.
  • Diaries – Many retirees will do a lot of traveling over the course of a year as they aren’t tied down to a job any more. One of the best ways to keep track of those journeys is through a travel diary or journal. This can let retirees jot down their notes and observations about every place they’ve visited and they can then put these observations into a blog post later on if they wish.
  • Wine Totes – There’s something special about getting out for a day with a bottle of wine or two and a loved one when you’re retired. Maybe the retiree would like to go on wine tasting tours. By offering them this great retirement gift, you’ll give them the chance to bring home a special bottle of wine that they might even want to share with you later on.

Giving a gift under $25 doesn’t make you cheap. Sometimes that’s all that you may be able to afford. If you didn’t know a retiree very well, then spending a lot of money on them for a gift doesn’t make a lot of sense either. These options will satisfy the requirements of a great retirement gift without breaking your budget.

The Best Retirement Gifts Under 50 Dollars

If you’re looking for a retirement gift in this price range, then you’re looking for something that is meaningful and personal, but still something that can work within your budget. If you can afford this price point, then here are a few fun ideas that may be the best gift that someone has ever received.

  • Land – Did you know that you can purchase property in Ireland at this price level? You’ll only be able to purchase 1 square foot, but you will receive a deed to the land, photographs of the area, and even directions to where it will be. Give yourself a few weeks to have this gift processed, but for those who love Ireland, this gift has a lot more value than the price will ever indicate.
  • Food Subscriptions – There are some amazing subscription services that are offered at this price point as well, so you’d be giving a gift that just keeps on giving. Spices, steaks, wine, cheese, or even German sausage all have the ability to be shipped directly to the retiree’s home. The shipments arrive around the same time every month and can be a nice treat that makes a great retirement gift all year long.
  • Retro Candy – There are a lot of different candies that we had growing up that just aren’t available any more. From wax lips to candy cigarettes, a great retirement gift for the candy lover would be to grab a gift basket that is filled with all of the beloved candies that date back to the 1940’s. This candy is still fresh [it isn’t 70 years old] and it will give a retiree to enjoy those new dentures they might have just got.
  • Tickets – At this price point, you can also get the retiree some tickets to their favorite sporting event or concert. The seats aren’t going to be right on the field or near the front row, of course, but the chance to be at a game or event that they love is meaningful where the seats might be. It shows that you know them well enough to get them an experience that they’ll love and since they are retired, they won’t have to worry about staying up to late while having a good time either.

The $50 price point is still reasonably affordable for most budgets, but the advantage is that you can personalize the gift a bit more to make it more meaningful. These examples are just a few of the great retirement gifts that are offered around this price.

The Best Retirement Gifts Under 100 Dollars

If you know the retiree pretty well, then you may wish to spend some extra money on that individual to honor their hard work over the past few decades. Gifts at this price point can encompass a wide variety of options, so use these ideas as examples that can fuel your creativity to select something that will have a deep meaning for the retiree.

  • Crystal – It’s nice to have a drink available now and then. A crystal decanter will help to make that happen in an elegant way. If the retiree has pets, then this might not be the best option, but you can still find vases, sculptures, or even serving dishes for the retiree who likes to entertain on a regular basis. Even a set of crystal glasses for the retirement toast is a classy gift that will create positive memories.
  • Beach Tents – If you have a retiree who loves the ocean, then consider getting them a tent that is specifically designed to give them shelter while at the beach. These tents are priced at the same level as traditional camping tents, but they stand up to the wind better. If beach camping isn’t their thing and they love rustic camping without the RV, then a regular tent can still be a great gift as well.
  • Tablet – You can pick up a great tablet today for under $100 that has 16 GB of internal storage, a quad core processor, and room for apps, video streaming, and even email integration. It’s an easy way for retirees to say in contact while on the go and still have fun enjoying the perks of binge watching movies and shows that their work schedule might not have allowed in the past.
  • Breadmaker – It might be a wedding gift that is often returned, but a retiree who loves to bake may love the convenience of a breadmaker. Just put in the mix and the ingredients and they’ll be able to fill their home with the scents of freshly baked bread every day. That’s a lot better than smelling creams, ointments, and lotions.

This price point is all about you fulfilling a specific need for the retiree. You’ll know what that need is because of how close your relationship to them happens to be.

The Best Retirement Gifts Over 100 Dollars

Once you go above the $100 limit for retirement gifts, you can give a retiree virtually anything. Airline tickets, a 7 day cruise, jewelry, vehicles, or even timeshares all become something that you could give. This price point depends on what experiences you want to provide for the retiree based on their life loves. A day of golf at Pebble Beach might be more meaningful than a 14 day Mediterranean Cruise, so choose wisely.

The best retirement gifts, no matter what the price point, are a gift that comes from the heart. Use these ideas today to select the best gift possible and you’ll help a retiree get their retirement off to a great start.

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