Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement is an immense milestone in life. We spend our lives working towards some sort of end-goal, practically from the time we are born. As children, we need to grow and prepare for preschool or Kindergarten. Throughout elementary school we prepare for big, scary middle school. In middle school we prepare for high school. In high school we prepare for graduation, and whatever comes after that, whether it be going straight into the workforce, heading to college, or joining the military. After that, we enter a career and we spend our lives working away at something we (hopefully) love, paying bills and preparing for retirement.

And finally, that day rolls around. It’s time to retire and oh, what a scary thing that is! After spending a rich, full life constantly preparing for the future, all of a sudden there’s nothing left to prepare for anymore. The work is done. Sure, there’s always the potential of getting a part-time, easy job to pass the time, or perhaps picking up a new hobby. But the worst is over. This can be both a scary and an exciting thing. But it’s also a time for celebration. If you know someone who is entering retirement, it’s time to congratulate them on finishing their long journey. And what better way to congratulate them, than with a gift?

Now, different gifts are suitable for different people. Read on to find out the perfect retirement gift ideas for your favorite lady, whether it be your mother, sister, wife, or good friend.

1. Flowers, Chocolate, and the Like

Don’t be afraid of going the classic route. Flowers and chocolate are perfect gifts for nearly any occasion. Flowers, though temporary, smell nice and look wonderful in the home. Any lady will appreciate their fragrance and beauty, and every time she smells the lovely scent drifting through their living room, they’ll think of you and your generosity! Chocolates are yet another go-to gift. Who doesn’t love the sweet, rich taste of chocolate melting on their tongue? If your retiree is trying to eat healthy, get her some dark chocolate instead. One serving of dark chocolate per day has health benefits and tastes great!

2. Gift Baskets

Feeling extra generous? Not sure exactly what to get? Or perhaps, a mixture of both? Going with a gift basket will never lead you astray. Gift baskets are full of a variety of great things for your retiree to enjoy. You can buy a prepackaged and pre-selected gift basket, or you can put a bunch of little things you’ve been eyeing together yourself. Items to include may vary from flowers and chocolates (like mentioned above) to books and toys and perfumes. You can even create a themed gift basket, such as one full of top notch skin and hair care products. Use your knowledge about this wonderful lady, and put together a gift basket full of things you know she will enjoy.

3. Spa Vouchers

Who doesn’t like the spa? No one, that’s who. A day at the spa means relaxation and pampering, which is exactly what we all need every so often. Unfortunately, many people feel that they don’t have the time to dedicate a day to such an endeavor. Retirees, however, have all the time in the world, and they have to figure out how to spend it! Help her leave the stressful work life behind and enter retirement with a bang at the local spa. You can gift her one visit to the spa or multiple, depending on the voucher you purchase.

4. Engraved Wine Glasses

Is she fond of drinking wine or champagne? Or even if she likes to just break out those fancy glasses for a sip of sparkling cider, engrave a set with her name and a sweet message, just from you. Some services even offer you the option of personalizing the packaging that the glasses come in—making the outside as special and heartfelt as the inside. This gift is a great idea because it’s not as temporary as the other options. Every time she breaks out the glasses for a nice drink during her luxurious retirement days, she’ll think of you and smile. You can also get her a membership to a local wine tasting or “wine of the month club”. Many of these will send her wine samples every single month. Your gift will just keep on giving.

5. Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are always fun. Tastefully joking, they’ll do just the trick in making her feel good about retiring. As was said above, retirement can be both a blessing and a curse, and many retirees have mixed feelings about it. Lighten the mood by making her laugh! Retirement gag gifts can range from joke books about retirement to retirement certificates and license plates. It can be essentially anything that has to do with retirement, but is also funny!

6. A Pet

With more free time comes the potential for loneliness, unfortunately. If she’s an animal lover, consider buying her a pet to keep her company in this new stage of life. Use what you know about her to decide what kind of animal would be best—an active, outdoorsy person would love a dog, but an inactive person who keeps to the house may prefer a cat or even a fish. Also, this is the one gift where keeping it a surprise may not be the best idea! Tell her your intentions beforehand to make sure she’s on board with this new responsibility. Maybe she can even help you pick out the perfect pet!

7. Keepsakes

Retirement is an exciting time and step into the future, but it can also be bittersweet. She’s likely built strong friendships with the people she works with, and is sad to leave them. Find some photos of her and her coworkers, even if you have to reach out to them and personally to request these. Put the photos together in a collage for her to always remember them by. She’ll appreciate the thoughtful effort for years to come.

8. Travel Vouchers

With retirement comes free time. And with free times comes new adventures! It’s very likely that she’s been dreaming of traveling somewhere far and exciting for years, but hasn’t had the means to do so. Now she has all the time in the world and is raring to go! Gift her plane tickets to her favorite destination, even if it’s just a quick weekend getaway. She’ll appreciate the immense favor, and be so excited to finally visit that faraway place.

9. Movie Collections

Is she a huge fan of a film series or collection from back in the day? Better yet, has she not seen these films in quite some time? What better way to start off her retirement than by reliving the olden days of carefree youth? Buy her a special edition box set of her favorite old films, and if she’s especially into her movies you can maybe even find a special edition complete with autographs and movie extras, and maybe even a cool poster or two to hang around the home. She’ll love it. After all, it’s not every day you get to revisit the past.

10. Books

Books are one of the simple, yet highly enjoyable things we have available to us in life. Nothing quite compares the quiet serenity of falling into a good read, turning the pages with your fingers leisurely as you immerse yourself in another world or life. It’s a relaxing pasttime many of us are encouraged to pursue in our youth, but a lot of the time falls to the wayside once we enter college and the workforce. Once again, it’s an issue of not enough time. But retirement offers an abundance of time, and many retirees find themselves falling back into the world of literature. Head out to your favorite bookstore and pick up some books you think she’ll love. Add in a cute bookmark and perhaps even a gift card for future buys.

10. Gardening Set

It’s common for retirees to pick up a new hobby after leaving the work force. You have to keep yourself entertained somehow, after all. A common hobby that many will turn to during this transition is gardening. Many people dream of gardening all their life—the satisfaction of constructing something in their own backyard, with their own two hands, that grows into something tasty and useful. Unfortunately, though, many people don’t have time throughout their busy lives of raising children and working 40 hours a week to make this dream a reality. Retirement is the perfect time! The kids are long gone, off raising their own families, and work is not calling her name anymore. Pick up a quick and simple little gardening kit at the local warehouse to get her started on what will soon become a fulfilling hobby.

11. Other Hobby Sets

In line with the previous item, you can support any other hobby or craft that she’s getting interested in to fill her free time. If not gardening, many retirees will turn to art. Painting, sculpting, drawing, etc. Go to the nearby craft store and pick up some paintbrushes and paint, or a notebook and charcoal pencils. If she’s gotten into knitting, get her a shade of yarn you know she’ll adore. Just find out what she’s interested in, and buy her something which will encourage this new interest. Better yet, if you can find her some local lessons focusing on her interest, get her that. The hands-on learning experience will be both fun and unique. She’ll absolutely love you for it.

12. Novelty Trophies

What’s better to start of the retirement years, than a special trophy to commemorate the years of hard work that have led to here? Buy her a customized, personalized trophy honoring her work and character. This trophy can either be serious, commemorating the work she’s done, or it can be funny, commemorating her character and personality in a humorous way. Engrave the trophy with a special message of appreciation, and make sure it’s nice to look at. She’ll be more than happy with this heartfelt gift.

13. Speciality Clocks

A common gift for retiring women is a fancy, beautiful looking clock to display in her home. The gift of a clock is symbolic in many ways—the passage of time has brought her to this stage of her life. All the hard work and long hours she put in over the past few decades has come to fruition, and now she has all the time in the world to reflect and enjoy herself in newfound, exciting ways. On the flip side, the clock is just plain enjoyable to look at and will look wonderful displayed in her living or dining room. Every time she sees it it will remind her of your generosity and kindness, and give her a smile that such a beautiful addition has been made to her home. Similarly, you can donate other decorative items including crystal vases or special wall hangings with motivational phrases printed on them.

There are truly an abundance of things you can buy a retiring woman. Retirement gifts for women are widely varied and oftentimes depend on her individual interests. If you know her well and love her dearly, figuring out what she loves and using it to your own advantage won’t be difficult. Just think about her hobbies or things she’s expressed learning more about, but hasn’t had the time to. Discreetly ask her spouse about what he thinks she would like, if you need a little boost of inspiration.

Don’t go overboard, often a small and simple, yet personalized gift is better than something too extravagant or over-the-top. And finally, don’t be afraid to get creative! The more unique and individual your gift is, the more appreciated it will be. Don’t just settle for a gift card to her favorite store—she’ll enjoy it but it won’t feel personal. And personal is the key ingredient to an outstanding gift, no matter the occasion.

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