14 Unique Retirement Gift Ideas

Anyone can give a retiree a gold watch or a plaque with an inspiring quote on it. If you want to give something that is truly meaningful, then you’ll need to explore the unique retirement gift ideas that are available today. If you’re ready to shop outside of the box, then we’ve put together a few options for you to consider so that you can find the absolutely perfect gift. The ideas below have been segmented into certain types of retirement gifts so you can easily search through the best ideas possible.

Cool Retirement Gifts For Travel

More than half of the travel spending that occurs in the world today comes from those who are retired. There’s a good chance that the retiree you know is already planning an extended trip as a way to kickoff their retirement in style. Having a gift that can supplement this experience can be incredibly meaningful and there are unique gifts that fit into every budget. Here are just a few examples of what you could give.

  • Leather passport carriers. Traveling internationally requires some sort of passport today, even within the free trade zones of North America. Retirees who can afford to visit a foreign country will typically make this one of their first trips, especially if they’ve never had the chance to travel internationally in the past. Don’t let them settle for a cheap, plastic passport carrier. Give them a leather one that will protect their documents in a much more effective manner.
  • Groupon experiences. The benefit of Groupon is that you can give people an incredible experience for a deeply discounted price. The one problem is that you’ll need to know what the retiree’s travel plans happen to be before you can begin searching for an amazing deal. Ask a few light questions to determine dates and plans and then you can surprise them with an incredible day during their holiday.
  • Local deals can provide amazing experiences too. People know that Amazon offers opportunities from A to Z for shopping, but did you know they offer local deal discounts as well? From comedy clubs to spa days and everything in-between, there are some really great deals in many communities that can make for a unique retirement gift. Even if it is just a dinner at an amazing local restaurant where travel takes 5 minutes, you’ll still provide the retiree with a night they’ll always remember.
  • Allow them to travel in style. Travel requires luggage and luggage can easily get damaged when certain products are packed. There are many different types of nylon rip-stop bags that are available today that can be easily packed into almost any type of luggage so that a retiree’s luggage will stay safe. They can also be stacked and easily organized so that packing and unpacking takes less time.

Great Retirement Gift Ideas For the Home

Although retirees may be traveling a lot during their retirement, they are also going to be spending some extra time at home. This means they’ll need access to qualities supplies and technology to make the most of their free time. You could give them a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription, but some of these ideas will take the subject of unique retirement gifts for the home to a brand new level.

  • Personalized equipment. Whatever the retiree’s hobby might be, there is going to be something available that you can personalize for them. For the home chef, consider a personalized cutting board. For the baseball fan, consider ordering a personalized Louisville Slugger. Even if you’re out of creative ideas and you just decide to get the retiree an iPad, you can still have it personalized.
  • Retirement plaques. Although a retirement plaque by itself isn’t really a unique idea, it can become one if you have your own quote to engrave on it. This gives the gift a deeper meaning and the retiree will think of you every time that they see it. These plaques can come in wood, metal, glass, or virtually anything else you can think of today. There are even engraved retirement plaques made of driftwood.
  • Memorabilia. Whether it is sports, music, or even books, autographed memorabilia can make for an amazing gift. Look for authentic items that have certificates guaranteeing the quality of the merchandise that you are purchasing. Some of these items can become quite expensive: a 1978 signed photograph of the New York Yankees retails for more than $1,600. What you can do is just request an autograph over email or through snail mail to a manager or agent and often receive the unique gift you’ll want to give for little monetary cost.

Unique Retirement Gifts For the Backyard Adventurer

Sometimes travel is the focus of an adventure, but sometimes there are great adventures that can be found in a retiree’s backyard. If you have a retiree who loves to have a good daily adventure, then these are the perfect gifts to consider for them.

  • Inflatable boats. If there is water near where you live, then the gift of an inflatable boat can be a surprisingly fun item to give. The modern inflatable boat is just as sturdy as most other boats and some even have metal-reinforced hulls. They break down to a size that allows them to be transported in the trunk of a car so a trailer won’t be needed. In return, the retiree can have fun exploring a lake or river whenever they wish.
  • Ski passes. If you have a ski resort somewhere close to your community, then a ski pass for the retiree can also be a wonderfully unique retirement gift. They’ll be able to break out their skis all season long and not have to worry about anything other than the drive to reach the hill. If you plan on spending some extra cash, a ski resort vacation is also a wonderful gift to consider giving.
  • Subscription of the month. There are many different types of subscriptions that you can purchase which will give retirees an ongoing gift throughout the year. A home rolled sushi gift set is perfect for the foodies, while a wine of the month gift can send over some locally produced wines that are remarkably good. Beer, liquor, nuts, sweets, or even cheese can all be purchased through subscription.
  • Reusable coffee filters. For the adventurer that puts fair trade as a point of emphasis in their lifestyle, a reusable coffee filter may make for the perfect gift. For just $13, CoffeeSock offers an organic cotton coffee filter that can make an amazing cup in the morning. They last for quite some time, eliminate the waste of paper filters, and combine well with Fair Trade coffee. This unique gift also works with tea if your retiree isn’t much of a coffee drinker.

Special Retirement Gift Ideas To Bring Life Into the Home

Giving the gift of life is always a great gift to give when someone is retiring. It is personal, creative, and unique by nature and will create a big impact. Some of these unique ideas will be deeply touching, but may require some research on your part to make sure the gift is 100% perfect. It can be artwork, personal items, or even something that helps a retiree trace their history in a fun way.

  • Personalized jewelry. There are some amazing options for personalized jewelry that are available today thanks to modern stamping technology. You can have a custom phrase placed on a necklace that will send the message that you want to say. They can be inspirational, related to work or family, or just a unique way to say “thank you” for a job well done.
  • Family tree artwork. There are a number of freelance artists that take the concept of a family tree and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. They’ll take the names of the retiree’s family members, place them into the branches of the tree, and create a 100% unique piece of art. If you want this to be a surprise, consider using a subscription to Ancestry.com to do some research on the retiree’s family tree on your own.
  • Customized items. The retiree to whom you’re giving a gift has at least one hobby that they’ll be enjoying in some way. If they are a painter, then the gift of supplies can be a simple, yet still unique gift. For gardeners, consider giving them pathway stones that have inspirational phrases to push them to new heights. Even if you don’t know their hobbies, you can still make something as simple as a journal cover that can be used on different books and be a simple treasure.

Gifts for retirees that are unique will be gifts that are special and meaningful. Use these ideas to help formulate your own special gift for that retiree in your life and you’ll be able to give them something that they will always love.

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